Identification and Simulation of Ship Manoeuvring Characteristics (MANOEUVRING)

Duration: 01.12.1998 – 30.11.2000 (27 months)

Coordination: Instituto Superior Técnico

Partners: Direcção de Navios (Portugal)

Funding Entity: Foundation of Portuguese Universities / Ministry of Defence

This project deals with the identification of the mathematical models of various navy ships and their validation through simulation and comparison with the real measurements. The hydrodynamic coefficients are the terms which define the hydrodynamics of a ship subject to various stimulus, being these deterministic, as the ones related with the control system of the ship, or stochastic as can be the wind, current and other ship disturbances. These parameters will be estimated by using system identification techniques applied on the data sets collected from the sensors that will be setup onboard each ship during the full-scale trials. Real time system identification programs using recursive identification methods developed in MATLAB, such as the extended Kalman filter, will be used to estimate the ships models. These estimated models can be of importance to the Portuguese Navy as a mean of testing, validating and tuning the models of a full shiphandling simulator that will be developed within 2 years by a contractor, to be used in the navy`s maneuvering and navigation training system. The results of this study will also be important for the lay-down of the requirements and in the design of new navy ships and their control systems and also to develop maneuverability doctrine required to cope with the ever increasing operational scenarios.

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