Experimental Study of the Behaviour of Floating Production and Storage (FPSO) Vessels in Waves (FPSO in Waves)

Duration: 01.01.1997-31.12.2000 (36 months)

Coordination: Danish Hydraulic Institute

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico

Funding Entity: EU - Programme Large Scale Facilities

The analysis of a moored vessel under the influence of waves and current is a complex problem. It can be overcome using the superposition of a series of simpler problems. Each individual problem is solved by a mathematical model that will be integrated on the global problem model. As there are very few published results on this subject, it is difficult to calibrate the mathematical models of each individual problem, as well as de global one. The natural solution was to make a series of tests with an FPSO 1/75 scale model, in a way that it would be possible to isolate each component of the problem. Full components tests were made to verify the superposition hypothesis. The current forces in the model for different heading angles was one of the models to be verified. For that purpose, it was measured the drag force for different headings. An other model, needing to be verified was the added resistance in regular waves as a base for the irregular waves problem using the superposition principle. For that purpose it was necessary to make tests with regular and irregular waves and the resulting forces where measured. Finally, the model was tested in a crescent complexity way to detect possible problems with the full mathematical model. Tests with the moored model were made, on current, on regular waves, on irregular waves and finally on irregular waves and current.

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