Safe Passage and Navigation (SPAN)

Duration: 01.01.1996 –30.06.1999 (42 months)

Coordination: British Maritime Technology Ltd

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal), CETENA SpA (Italy), FBM Marine Ltd (UK), LIPS B.V. (The Netherlands), Transtejo S.A. (Portugal).

Funding Entity: EU - Programme BRITE/EURAM

This project has the main aim of achieving safe and efficient operation of affordable high speed twin hull vessels at higher speed, greater efficiency and in shallower and more restricted waterways than currently possible. A waterjet propulsion system will be developed and optimised for operation on shallow water. This will result in a propulsion system which is reliable under all circumstances and which consequently improves the safe operation of the vessel. The objectives will be achieved by a combination of better hull and waterjet design guidelines and operational critiria and by enhanced control systems, including an “intelligent” navigational aid, taking into account manoeuvrability and environmental constraints. The project combines a number of disciplines in its goal of providing fast, safe and efficient transport of people and cargo in shallow and restricted waters, whether these are in estuarine regions or in the extensive European inland waterway system.

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