Regional Traffic Information Service (RTIS)

Duration: 01.05.1993-31.10.1995 (30 months)

Coordination: OPEFORM

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico, Ditel, Cetemar, Martedec, Marine Analystic

Funding Entity: EU - Programa EURET

This project studied the feasibility of an information service, which would provide the actors of the maritime traffic with information intended to make easier their own decision processes. Special emphasis was put on the use for shiphandling purposes of information made available in real time. The proposed service benefits of available information currently collected and processed by entities such as existing and planned VTS, search and rescue organisations, pilotage, shipping agents, meteorological services, ships routeing agencies, etc. The main objective of the project is to reduce maritime traffic costs where costs are considered in a broad sense. The project was a pilot project. It was intending to provide a basis for an experimental implementation. It is hoped that most it its features will be transposable to other maritime zones in Europe. IST has contributed with identification of the users and user needs as concerns the Portuguese area as well as with the development of a prototype of traffic image display. A model was developed to predict the effect of wind and waves in increasing the resistance of ships, affecting the duration of the voyages.

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