Satellite Uses: A Common Course for Engineering and Sea-Conditions Studies (SUCCESS)

Duration: 01.12.1996 – 31.08.1998 (21 months)

Coordination: IFREMER

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal), Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands), National Technical University of Athens (Greece), Satellite Observing System (UK), Technical University of Denmark (Denmark), Universita degli Studi di Genova (Italy), University of Lund (Sweden), Meteomer (France), Ecole Centrale de Paris (France).

Funding Entity: EU - Programme Environment

The project aims at developing a textbook on the use of satellite data for engineering studies based on wave conditions. The general aim is to attain large integration of use of data from Earth observation satellites in state of the art applications in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture. In order to help the offer (satellite data) and the demand (meteocean design parameters), the project addresses the academic curriculum of the engineers, so that they become aware at an early stage of the EO data availability to their purposes. Due to the novelty of the subject, professors need some incitement in order to include it into their regular teaching. A student having received this teaching material should then be able to understand, specify and use metocean parameters coming from satellite measurements with no more pain than if they came from any other more common place origin. She or he should also be aware of the relevance of some related research problems with regards to practical industrial applications.

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