Ship Lifecycle Software Solutions (SHIPLYS)

Duration: 01.09.2016 – 31.08.2019

Coordination: TWI Ltd

Partners: SOERMAR; Atlantec Enterprise Solutions; University of Strathclyde; Astilleros de Santander; NTUA; IST; Varna Maritime; Ferguson Marine Engineering; AS2CON; BMT; Lloyd's Register

Funding Entity: Horizon 2020 – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Grant n.º: 690770)

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The main objective of SHIPLYS is to improve the competitiveness of the European shipyards by supporting SME naval architects, shipbuilders and ship-owners to survive in the world market by improving their capability to reduce the time and costs of design and production, developing the ability to reliably produce better ship concepts through virtual prototyping and meeting the increasing requirements for LCCA (Life Cycle Cost Analysis), environmental assessments, risk assessments and end-of-life considerations as differentiators. Shiplys will develop and integrate rapid virtual prototyping tools with life cycle tools that will be compatible with existing early design software. These rapid prototyping tools will be able to establish a model in short timeframe which will bring benefit of investigating multiple alternatives easily and efficiently.

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