Hydroelastic behaviour of horizontal flexible floating structures for applications to Floating Breakwaters and Wave Energy Conversions (HYDROELASTWEB)

Duration: 01-10-2018 a 30-09-2021

Coordination: Instituto Superior Técnico

Funding Entity: Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (PTDC/ECI-EGC/31488/2017)

Due to increasing in the migration of the population to coastal areas and the use of world energy demands, there is a need to develop and analyze a multi-use floating structure model which could find applications to floating breakwaters and wave energy conversions in order to meet coastal protection and the worldwide demand energy. This project seeks to develop the mathematical model and solution techniques for three-dimensional (3D) analytical hydrodynamic model for linear hydroelastic behavior of flexible floating structures for applications to floating breakwater and wave energy conversions. The floating breakwater component of the concepts developed will be useful for protection of aquaculture installation offshore or wind energy devices for example. The study will deal with the effect of structural damping (linear spring and dampers) and deformations (flexible modes) based on analytical solutions by applying Green's function technique based on Green's function (fundamental solutions of the source potentials).

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