Elastic mooring systems for wave energy converters (ELASTMOOR)

Duration: 01.04.2017 - 31.03.2020 (36 months)

Coordination: Instituto Superior Técnico

Partners: Chalmers University of Technology; Waves4Power AB, Seaflex AB

Funding Entity: Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (OCEANERA/0006/2016)

The objective of the project is to investigate the mooring of floating wave energy converters (WECs) and to develop methods, tools and procedures to be used for the design of elastic mooring systems. The project aims to improve the knowledge of using elastic mooring lines for wave energy applications. This will be achieved by collecting data from (i) laboratory testing of rubber, polyester and nylon lines, and of the coupled system of mooring and floater in an ocean basin test, and (ii) full-scale field tests of the Waves4Power WEC outside Runde in Norway.

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