Safe Floating Offshore Structures under Impact Loading of Shipped Green Water and Waves (SAFE-FLOW)

Duration: 01.01.2001 – 31.12.2003 (36 months)

Coordination: MARIN (NL)

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico (PT); Offshore Design (N); University of Groningen (NL); WS Atkins (UK); PAFA Consulting Engineers (UK); BP Amoco (UK); ASTANO (SP); Bureau Veritas (F).

Funding Entity: EU - Programme Growth

The main objective of SAFEFLOW is to develop a new design technology for floating structures, consisting of design and operational guidance, of calculation methods (a design evaluation tool and a numerical simulation tool), risk assessment procedures (qualitative and quantitative) and of recommendation of new standards (rules/regulations) for floating offshore structures. All to improve the safety, reliability and availability of floating offshore structures under impact loading of green water and waves. The task of IST is to develop the wave models that are relevant to the phenomenon being studied.

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