Large Multipurpose Platforms for Exploiting Renewable Energy in Open Seas (PLENOSE)

Duration: 01.04.2014 - 31.03.2018 (48 months)

Coordination: Universita Degli Studi Mediterranea Di Reggio Calabria

Partners: The University of Liverpool; Instituto Superior Técnico; Rice University; Columbia University; Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Funding Entity: EU REA – Marie Curie – IRSES (proj nr. 612581)

The PLENOSE project aims at establishing a multi-disciplinary network between European, North American and Indian institutes. The objective of PLENOSE is to share the expertise of the partners in the fields of Marine Engineering, Structural Dynamics, Reliability Assessment, Random Processes and the necessary skills for performing experiments in artificial and in natural basins. The scientific goal is to define and validate a technique for the design of artificial islands consisting of floating or fixed structures, with the welldefined purpose of exploiting renewable energies in open seas.

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