Advanced Ship Design for Pollution Prevention (ASDEPP)

Duration: 01.09.2006-28.02.2010 (42 months)

Coordination: Instituto Superior Técnico

Partners: Univ. of Zagreb, Helsinki University of Technology, Bureau Veritas, University of Rijeka and University of Split.

Funding Entity: EU - Programme TEMPUS

The primary specific objective of the project is to provide support for development and implementation of set of optional courses on Advanced Ship Design for Pollution Prevention (ASDEPP) to be held at studies of naval architecture at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FAMENA), University of Zagreb, Croatia and at Faculty of Engineering (FE), University of Rijeka, Croatia. The program will help to unify the educational practice of studies of naval architecture of three Croatian universities. The next specific aim of the projects is improving knowledge of academic staff, students and naval architects and ocean engineers from industry about modern computational methods for design of environmentally-friendly ships according to the current industry trends. In that way, project will promote the usage of advanced computational methods, software tools and best practice in shipbuilding and offshore industry. The project will contribute to the raise of awareness to environmental protection problems of all important factors concerned by ship safety and will provide additional education of experts in Croatia about assessing of safety of oil tankers in traffic in Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

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