Safe Abandoning of Ships (Improvement of Current Life Saving Appliances Systems) (SAFECRAFTS)

Duration: 01.02.2004-31.10.2007 (48 months)

Coordination: TNO

Partners: BMT, CTO, MAR, SIR, UST, LIS, VIK, BV, RIN, BAL, GUT, SSRC, HAL, FSG and Carnival.

Funding Entity: EU - Programme SUST

This project is emphasising on the rescue process by both quantifying the performance of the LSAs and improving the concept of reaching the rescue vessel in a safe and reliable manner. The challenge is to exploit a first principles approach (regarding hydromechanics, mechanics, human behaviour, quantitative risk assessment and emergency management) in the design of rescue systems for passengers and crew, addressing both hardware and procedure/management.

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