The Resource Network facilitating QHSE Development for a Sustainable Energy Industry (TRENDS 2)

Duration: 01.12.2002-31.05.2005 (30 months)

Coordination: DNV

Partners: DNV, EuroGIF, MTS, RF, Hydromod, IFP, BV, Polimi, EPS, Sauf, Cranfield, MPA, Rinave, FBSD, DAP, MSR, Erasmus, RISOE, UK Assist, ABB, AMA, ARMIDES + ENSMP, BOS, BP, Cetemar, Cordah, Delphi-int., DHI, EED, FRESTI, FUGRO, GALP, Ifremer, IST, SASEMAR, Kvaener, Mettle, NH, NSA, Proneta, Quintessa, VTT, STC, Shell, Sintef, Sirehna, Sofresid, Statoil, TNO, TotalFinaElf, TWI, CML.LU, Unimo, URS, EGS, Hellenic Port, GEP, GSB, IGNG, BI, SEL, VILPAS, Warwick, MOH, Jovellanos, Marinetech South, Rogaland Research, Schlumberger, UMRE.

Funding Entity: EU - Programme EESD

The Network brings together pan-European stakeholders, decision-makers, operators and suppliers (including SMEs, universities, etc.) on an equal basis, to address the present and future challenges in the quality, health, safety and environmental aspects of hydrocarbon energy production. The network, therefore, substantially contributes to meeting present and future needs of a sustainable European energy supply with high quality and safety standards and minimised environmental impacts.

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