Types of Work Accidents in Different Activities in Portugal (OCCUPATIONAL ACCIDENTS)

Duration: 01.10.2004-30.06.2007 (33 months)

Coordination: Instituto Superior Técnico

Partners: Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia - UNL

Funding Entity: Portuguese Foundations for Science and Technology

It is intended to prepare a systematic study on occupational accidents and its causal factors in 4 sectors of activity in Portugal and study the role of the institutions and the competent authorities in relation to the criteria and application of the law on social protection when related to occupational accidents. The 4 sectors of activity under analysis will be: the Fisheries Sector, the Civil Construction, Manufacturing/Metalworking and Manufacturing/Food and Beverage. For a given number of accidents per sector it is conducted a systematic and thorough study of accident casualty analysis in order to identify not only the immediate causes but also the management and organization conditions associated.

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