Condition Assessment of Aging Ships for Real Time Structural Maintenance Decision (CAS)

Duration: 01.05.2006-31.10.2009 (36 months)

Coordination: Bureau Veritas

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico; GL, MM, SENER, Lisnave, Cybernétix, INTERTANKO, TOTAL Activities Maritime and RS

Funding Entity: EU - STREP Programme

For oil tankers to be more environmentally friendly along their life cycle, IMO has set forth a condition assessment scheme “CAS” for single hull tankers and is now working to develop a similar type of code for double hull tankers, which involve huge amounts of measurement information. Performing those inspections efficiently requires processing measurement information on a real time basis, resulting in cost savings because fast assessment of the ship condition and decision-making could be done while the ship is still in the dock for maintenance.

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